About the installer



The installer is an executable.


At the end of the installation, during the initialization, the license activation process occurs. Notice that the license is independent of the software version, e.g. if you have a valid license for Monolix 4.3.2,
– you can install MonolixSuite2016R1 too,
– your Monolix license will be valid for Monolix2016R1 too.

During the initialization process, the installer will check if you already have a license. If not, a window will pop up requesting an activation key, or a licence file. If you do not have it, just click on the cross to cancel it. Two things have to be noticed:
– If you do not have a valid license key, the software will be installed and you will be able to re-activate it later.
– If your license key is valid for several software and/or for the MonolixSuite, the license request will be done for the first software and will automatically be validated for the other one.

Jonathan CHAUVINAbout the installer