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PKPD Simulations Using mlxR presented by Marc Lavielle

on 1 July 2016

Under the invitation of International Society Of Pharmacometrics, Marc Lavielle presented PKPD Simulations Using mlxR

General Topic: Introduction to use of mlxR
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Presenter: Marc Lavielle
Background Resources and Code for the Audience:

Suitable for: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced


The mlxR package allows for quick and easy simulation and visualization of complex models for longitudinal data. The models are encoded using the model coding language ‘Mlxtran’, automatically converted into C++ codes, compiled on the fly and linked to R using the ‘Rcpp’ package. That allows one to implement very easily complex ODE-based models and complex statistical models, including mixed effects models, for continuous, count, categorical, and time-to-event data.

Jonathan CHAUVINPKPD Simulations Using mlxR presented by Marc Lavielle