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MonolixSuite2016R1 1 language for 4 applications

on 8 July 2016

We are pleased to officially announce the release of Monolix2016R1.

Global improvements:

– The latest evolution of the Mlxtran language now allow to share a unique model in the complete workflow from model exploration (Mlxplore), to parameter estimation (Monolix), and trial simulation (Simulx). Mlxtran now includes all the functional requirements of the different applications in a single new syntax.
– All the applications are now available in a single package with a single installer. The files of the Mlxtran language parser and computation engines are now shared by the different applications.
– A substantial effort was made on the documentation. Dedicated documentation websites for the dataset, the Mlxtran language, and for each application were created and include user guides, examples and case studies. All the documentations are available through the Lixoft website.

Jonathan CHAUVINMonolixSuite2016R1 1 language for 4 applications