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Innovent Biologics-Lixoft Joint MonolixSuite and TMDD Workshop

on 17 October 2019



Innovent Biologics and Lixoft are very proud to propose a Joint MonolixSuite and TMDD Workshop

The course is designed for modelers with none to intermediate knowledge of the MonolixSuite. It will present the full modeling and simulation workflow on concrete examples using the 4 applications of the suite: Datxplore for the data visualization, Mlxplore for the exploration of the model behavior, Monolix for parameter estimation and model diagnosis and Simulx for clinical trial simulations.

The training is one and half day

  • November 6th afternoon: 基于测试实例讲解Monolix Suite应用程序 / Introduction to the applications of the MonolixSuite – Demo on a concrete test case
  • November 7th morning: 靶点介导的药物清除 / TMDD concepts
  • November 7th afternoon 应用和练习/ Applications and hands-on

The full agenda can be downloaded here.

Main instructor

Dr Géraldine Ayral is a multidisciplinary scientist with a main interest in pharmacometrics.
She joined Lixoft in 2016 as VP Applications, where she is in charge of the support, the training, and the technical communication. Geraldine holds an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France) and a Master in computational biology from ETH Zürich (Switzerland) in 2012. After an experience as assistant project manager at SoBios, a start-up developing software for modeling and in silico simulation, she started a PhD in systems biology and multi-scale modeling at INRIA Paris. She received her doctoral degree in 2016.

Price per person: FREE

The number of seat is limited. Send an email to for information on registration.


The workshop will be located at 168 Dongping Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China.


Jonathan CHAUVINInnovent Biologics-Lixoft Joint MonolixSuite and TMDD Workshop

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