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Workshops at the University of California at San Francisco, Thu. March 26th, 2020

on 28 January 2020

Lixoft and UCSF are organizing 2 free workshops in parallel at UCSF on March 26th 2020

MonolixSuite and TMDD

MonolixSuite workshop

Lixoft is running a 1 day hands-on workshop on the Monolix Suite.
The workshop is designed for modelers with none to intermediate knowledge of the MonolixSuite. It will present the full modeling and simulation workflow on concrete examples using the 4 applications of the suite: Datxplore for the data visualization, Mlxplore for the exploration of the model behavior, Monolix for parameter estimation and model diagnosis and Simulx for clinical trial simulations.
The workshop will in particular focus on the modeling strategy, the model implementation and the model diagnosis. Two real case studies will be used, covering a PK and a PKPD example of modeling and simulation.


[AM] Introduction to the MonolixSuite:
  • Introduction of the different applications
  • Data exploration using Datxplore
  • Parameter estimation and model diagnostic using Monolix
  • Model exploration and simulations for a priori dose finding using Simulx
[PM] Hands-on: modeling and simulation of a PKPD data set
  • Data exploration using Datxplore
  • PK-PD modeling in Monolix
  • Model exploration and clinical trial simulations using Simulx

More informations and registration here.

TMDD workshop

Lixoft is running a 1 day hands-on workshop on Target Mediated Drug Disposition models with the MonolixSuite.
The workshop is intended to pharmacometricians wishing to have an introduction and an overview of TMDD. No prior experience of the MonolixSuite nor population PK modeling of biologics is required. It will provide an overview of the characteristics of the PK of therapeutic proteins, introduce TMDD modeling concepts (equations, approximations, underlying assumptions), and discuss guidelines for the development of TMDD models.
Hands-on lectures to explore the behavior of TMDD models, as well as to model step by step a TMDD PK data set, will be included.


[AM] TMDD concepts:
  • Introduction to the PK of therapeutic proteins
  • Introduction to TMDD modeling concepts, presentation of the system of equations, usual approximations and their underlying assumptions
  • Hands-on: exploration of the characteristics of the main TMDD models using Mlxplore
  • Guidelines for the choice of a TMDD model depending on the available data, discussion of identifiability issues
[PM] Applications
  • Hands-on: development of a TMDD model on a PK data set
  • Advanced cases: TMDD with varying target, …

The workshops will be at Mission Hall, UCSF, 550 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94158 from 9am – 4pm

In full agreement with UCSF, the workshops are cancelled

Jonathan CHAUVINWorkshops at the University of California at San Francisco, Thu. March 26th, 2020

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