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Pharmacometrics Spring School – Modeling and simulation using MonolixSuite

on 13 February 2023

Online Worldwide Pharmacometrics Spring School: Modeling and Simulation with MonolixSuite held on March 20th to 24th 2023. Five online sessions, 1.5h each, repeated twice a day: at 9 AM CET and 5 PM CET.

The 2023 Lixoft Pharmacometrics Spring School: modeling and simulation with MonolixSuite, held between 20 and 24 March, 2023 will focus on population modeling for model-informed drug development (MIDD) and simulations of clinical trials using the MonolixSuite. It’s for students, researchers, and industry professionals; beginners and intermediate/advanced modellers and MonolixSuite users. You will gain confidence in using the MonolixSuite applications over the week-long course and learn how to make your modeling work more exciting and efficient!

This is a FREE and completely ONLINE event.



Attend one of the TWO LIVE 1.5h SESSIONS each day

depending on your time zone





FREE TEMPORARY LICENSE for the entire MonolixSuite will be provided for the Spring School participants.


The Spring School will consist of 5 sessions, 1h30min each. It will cover all steps of a modeling and simulation workflow, including:

  • Day 1: Data visualization and population analysis in Monolix. Theoretical recap, run setup in Monolix (using the library) and estimation tasks.
  • Day 2: Model diagnosis with the plots and statistical tests. Covariate search.
  • Day 3: Writing a custom structural model using the mlxtran language.
  • Day 4: Simulations using Simulx
  • Day 5: Advanced examples

HANDS-ON: After each session you will be able to download additional material (datasets, projects and instructions) to put your knowledge into practice. We will present the solutions at the beginning of the next session.

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  • Do I need to create an account on to attend the Spring School?
    Yes, this year’s Spring School will be given on the Learn Upon platform, which will provide the links to live sessions, the material for download, and the recordings. You need to create an account, add the Spring School to the cart and validate it. The event is free so no payement will be needed and the cart will show $0. Please use your professional email address (academic or industry) in order to validate your affiliation.
  • I participated in the 1st and/or 2nd edition of the Pharmacometrics Spring School with MonolixSuite. Do you recommend to participate in the 3rd edition?
    In the 3rd edition of the spring school we will use the new release of the MonolixSuite: 2023R1. We will show some of its new features. The main content of the lectures and the hands-on sessions will be the same as in the previous editions, so if you feel confident with this material there is no need to participate in the school this year. However, you can always take advantage of the live chat and Q&A with the Lixoft team during the lecture sessions.
  • Do I need the MonolixSuite installed on my computer?
    You can listen to the lecture without having MonolixSuite installed. However, you do need it if you want to practice MonolixSuite between sessions with the hands-on exercises.
  • How to install the MonolixSuite?
    All information about the installation can be found in the download webpage.
  • Which version of MonolixSuite can I use?
    Teachers will be using the MonolixSuite2023R1 version, but you will be able to complete most of the exercises with the 2021R2 version. The training material will contain all projects compatible with the 2023R1 as well as 2021R2 version.
  • Do I have to pay for the MonolixSuite license?
    We provide a FREE TEMPORARY LICENSE to all participants of the Spring School, valid until April 15th. You will receive the activation key per email a few days before the beginning of the Spring School. Check also your spam folder.
    If you wish to continue using MonolixSuite after April 15th:

    • If you are an academic or work in a non-profit organisation, then you can benefit from an unlimited and free license for non-commercial activities. See here for the Lixoft license agreement for academic and commercial activities. To request such a licence, please use the form from this website:
    • If you work in a company, contact as us via the contact form: and indicate that you have participated to the Spring School.
  • Will the session be recorded?
    Yes, the sessions will be recorded and the videos will be available to the participants for the duration of the school (until April 15th).
  • Can I get a certificate of attendance?
    Certificates of attendance will be send automatically to participants which have attended all five live sessions and filled the survey.
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