Innovent Biologics – Lixoft Joint MonolixSuite and TMDD Workshop

The workshop is composed of lectures and hands-on sessions. For the hands-on session, you need to have the MonolixSuite installed on your laptop. Please install and test the MonolixSuite ahead of the workshop on the laptop you will be using by following the procedure below.

MonolixSuite 2019R2 installation procedure

  1. Make sure that you have the right access rights on your laptop to do installations. In the case of corporate computers there can be a number of safety measures that prevent you installing anything on that machine. Check with your IT expert and make sure you are allowed to make installations.
  2. Download the installer from the download page. Should you already have Monolix installed, you need to get our latest release MonolixSuite 2019R2. Note that MonolixSuite 2019R2 is only proposed on 64-bit platforms.
  3. Install MonolixSuite 2019R2. It can be installed next to your previous installations. The installation details can be found here. During the installation process, provide the following activation key: 0653-3543-1700-6203. The generated license is valid until December 31st, 2019.
  4. Test the installation (except simulx) by following the procedure on this page.

If you have any problem please write to in English.

Simulx 2019R2 installation procedure

Our simulation application Simulx comes as an R package.

  1. Download and install R from
  2. Download and install Rstudio from
  3. Open Rstudio and in the Rstudio command line, type:

    # for Windows OS
    install.packages(“C:/ProgramData/Lixoft/MonolixSuite2019R2/connectors/lixoftConnectors.tar.gz”, repos = NULL, type=”source”)
    # for MAC OS
    install.packages(“/Applications/”, repos = NULL, type=”source”)


  4. Test the simulx installation by following the procedure on this page.

If you have any problem please write to in English.

Download of the workshop material

Please download in advance the workshop material by clicking here and unzip it.


  • November 6th afternoon: 基于测试实例讲解Monolix Suite应用程序 / Introduction to the applications of the MonolixSuite – Demo on a concrete test case
  • November 7th morning: 靶点介导的药物清除 / TMDD concepts
  • November 7th afternoon 应用和练习/ Applications and hands-on

The full agenda can be downloaded here.

User guides

Lixoft provides online documentations for all the applications along with the data set management and the modeling language.

Geraldine CelliereInnovent Biologics – Lixoft Joint MonolixSuite and TMDD Workshop