License type

MonolixSuite2016R1 licenses can be of the following types:

In any case, a license key number or file is generated. Notice that the license request is only done when no license is available on the user’s computer or when the license expired.

Individual license

The activation key (provided by Lixoft) must be entered in the dialog box titled “Lixoft license activation” (“With activation key” tab).


In that case, the license is copied into {UserName}/lixoft/license. The dialog box only appears when no license is available on the user’s computer or when the license expires. Our software is available with independent licenses for Mlxplore, Monolix and Simulx if you just need a particular product. We also propose a license for the Monolix Suite for you to take full advantage of the integrated visualisation, modelling and simulation features.

When do I need an individual license ?

Two main cases

Server license

In that case, MonolixSuite runs on an application server. The activation key (provided by Lixoft) must be copied into the following folders of the server.
With that, each time a user starts an application of MonolixSuite, it takes a token from the license for the application under consideration. If all tokens are used (too many users use the software), a popup titled “Lixoft activate” appears and the user is supposed to add its own license or buy other licenses to increase the number of tokens for the server license.

When do I need a server license ?

Two main cases

Floating license

The use of a floating license requires to set up a license server. Two utilisations are possible:

The setup and configuration of the license management server is described here.

Jonathan CHAUVINLicense type and typical usage