Floating licence management using RLM

The use of a floating license requires to set up a license server. After the installation process, when the “Lixoft activate window” appears just close the window (do not enter the activation key of the floating license). Then, download the RLM server here

Start the RLM server. At this step there is no license available yet; the IT manager should use the RLM web server to download the license by following the procedure below:

1/ In the web browser, type “IP”:5054, where “IP” is the IP address of the computer hosting the RLM server (e.g. Notice that the RLM server opens two ports : 5053 and 5054. The first port (5053) is a service port used for the transactions of licenses. The second port (5054) is the RLM web server port used to access to the RLM configuration through a web browser. It is possible that one or both ports may have been used by another application.

  • If the web server port (5054) is not available you can launch RLM server with a new port by using the program option -ws (e.g: rlm -ws 5055) in this case, the access to RLM configuration through a web browser is done using the address “IP”:”NEW PORT” (e.g.
  • If the server port (5053) is not available, a file config.conf has to be created in the rlm directory and has to contain the following information: HOST “IP” “MAC ADDRESS” “NEW PORT” e.g. HOST a8c0f82e 5060


2/ Begin license activation:


3/ Enter the RLM activation url : activate.lixoft.net. And click on Next button. If the rlm server does not have Internet access, the license has to be created by Lixoft. Send a mail to support@lixoft.com with the following informations:

  • Mac address of the computer hosting the RLM server
  • IP address of the computer hosting the RLM server


Lixoft will send in return a ’.lic’ file which has to be copied in the following directories: KeyFolder1 and KeyFolder2. At this step, the installation of MonolixSuite2016R1 is complete.

4/ Activate the license. Fill the ISV input with the string “lixoft” (without the quotes) and the License activation key with the activation key provided by Lixoft (key format is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)


5/ Enter (at maximum) the number of bought licenses, then click on Next button. Notice, the number of licenses cannot exceed the number of bought licenses.


6/ Select the license directory and file. In the field named License file to create write the full path to license file  KeyFolder1/myfloat.lic and copy it to KeyFolder2 e.g: if the MonolixSuite2016R1 installation directory is /media/share/MonolixSuite2016R1, the input field name License file to create should contain /media/share/MonolixSuite2016R1/config/access/myfloat.lic. This license file has to be copied on each installation of MonolixSuite2016R1 :

  • If Monolix is installed on a shared space (i.e. each node of the cluster has an access to this directory), copy the license file into the directories KeyFolder1 and KeyFolder2. Make sure that the MonolixSuite2016R1 directory is accessible from each cluster node.
– Monolix is installed on the computer master-computer in the directory:
The license is in the directory :
– The RLM server is run on the computer master-computer.
– Cluster computers mount the directory /usr/local/lixoft/MonolixSuite2016R1/.
– Each MonolixSuite2016R1 user runs Lixoft software from the previously mounted directory.
  • If Monolix is installed on each node of the cluster, copy the license file on each computer in the directories  KeyFolder1 and KeyFolder2.
– The RLM server is executed on the computer master-server.
– Monolix is installed on each cluster node of the cluster.
– The license file is copied on each cluster node in the directory /MonolixSuite2016R1/config/system/access/ 
and /MonolixSuite2016R1/bin/Monolix_mcr/runtime/config/system/access
for the standalone version.
– Each MonolixSuite2016R1 user runs Lixoft software from the cluster node.


7/ Stop the server manually and restart it from the directory (or use option -c) {MonolixSuite2016R1}/config/system/access/

Now RLM is running with the provided license. This is verified in the web interface by clicking on status button.


8/ RLM Server : server hostname and port considerations.
If for any reason, the server port or the server hostname is not registered in a DNS, it is possible to change these informations directly on licence file. The line HOST can be changed by HOST .

9/ RLM Server : firewall considerations.
If the RLM server is behind a firewall, the port 5053, 5054 and the ISV port have to be opened.
The ISV port can be set directly in license file by changing the ISV line as follow:

ISV lixoft port=

10/ Managing RLM server:
The documentation of the management of the RLM server provided by Reprise Software is available at http://www.reprisesoftware.com/RLM_Enduser.html

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