MonolixSuite silent installer

It is possible to install MonolixSuite with a silent installer mode, i.e. without any user interaction. It is particularly convenient on systems without interface (typically cluster) and when you want to install it on a lot of machines in a network.


The MonolixSuite2024R1 installer includes a silent mode.

The installer can be used in commandline with the following commands and options:


  • in, install: Install packages and aliases given as an argument. If no arguments are given, install the default package
  • pr, purge: Uninstall all packages and remove the program directory. (to be used with the Uninstaller executable)
  • activationKey: given as activationKey=”XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX” in combination with install


  • -am, -accept-messages: Accepts all message queries without user input.
  • -al, -accept-licenses: Accepts all licenses without user input.
  • -c, -confirm-command: Confirms starting of installation, update or removal of components without user input.
  • -t, –root <directory>: Set the installation root directory.

Thus, to install MonolixSuite in one line, the command is:

./monolixSuite2024R1 in activationKey="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" --am --al --c

If the activation key is incorrect or not given, MonolixSuite will be installed and will ask for a license when the software is launched. If a previous version is already installed with a valid license, it is not necessary to provide an activation key.


MonolixSuite2023R1 and older


You need to download the files controlscript_lixoftsuite_silent.qs as well as

Save the two files in the same folder as the file monolixsuite2023R1-installer (download page), and launch the following command line in that folder:


You can then use licenseActivate script in the installation folder (in subfolder lib/) to provide the key, like this:

./licenseActivate --key <key>

Some important points:

    • It only works for Linux operating system. For windows operating system, you need to accept to install it as an administrator and accept the installation of the Visual Redistribute.
    • It is possible to change the installation directory by modifying the file controlscript_lixoftsuite_silent.qs on line 104.
    • If you are installing older MonolixSuite versions, you should use:
      • For 2021R2: ./ where the files can be downloaded here
      • For 2021R1: ./ where the files can be downloaded here
      • For 2020R1: ./ where the files can be downloaded here
      • For 2019R2: ./ where the files can be downloaded here
      • For 2019R1: ./ where the files can be downloaded here
      • For 2018R2: ./ where the files can be downloaded here
      • For 2018R1: ./ where the files can be downloaded here

There is no option to uninstall MonolixSuite with a silent command.

Jonathan CHAUVINMonolixSuite silent installer