The Monolix Suite is a unique population PKPD modeling solution for pharmacometrics experts. It allows to take a modeling project from the first data exploration up to clinical trial simulations.

The Monolix Suite was developed in view of the increasing importance of pharmacometric experts in drug development. This key role requires integrated software tools with the most rigorous statistical methodologies to deliver high quality modeling results in time.

Experience the right tools for model-based drug development. All integrated for modeling in one go – without rewriting any data set, models or parameters:

  • PKanalix: Interactive non-compartmental and comparmental analysis.
  • Monolix: Robust parameter estimation with the SAEM algorithm.
  • Simulx: High performance clinical trial simulation

Software products


Graphical and interactive software for non-compartmental and compartmental analysis.


Easy, fast and powerful tool for parameter estimation in non-linear mixed effect models, model diagnosis and assessment, and advanced graphical representation.


A powerful and flexible simulator for clinical trial pharmacometrics.

Services and tools proposed by Lixoft

Lixoft provides training, consultancy and expertise services based on Lixoft products to help you accelerate specific parts of your pharmacometric study. Along with dedicated support, this “light” collaboration model has proven very cost-effective and time-saving. It is centered on the core expertise of Lixoft, since Lixoft does not intend to act as a CRO or to conduct full pharmacometric projects.


Model building, programming and validation, translation of your model description into Mlxtran, statistical analysis, etc.


Lixoft frequently offers public training events on Lixoft products (see the news). Lixoft can also provide on-site trainings worldwide, for Universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Expert support

Behind Monolix’s suite is a dedicated developer and expert team you can contact for technical questions. Extensive and tailored support is available on request.

Model libraries

To help model development, Lixoft provides a fully documented, open source library with PK, PD, PKPD, TMDD, and TTE models.