“Software solutions based on scientific breakthroughs to reduce the cost and increase the success rate of new drugs development”

Advanced algorithms in user-friendly tools

Lixoft products are designed to save the time and energy of pharmacometricians and biostatisticians. Lixoft brings breakthrough advances to the modeling & simulation community in user-friendly tools. Lixoft products are also designed to break the preclinical/clinical/vigilance divides for modelling and simulation, and allow all stages of drug development to share informations and synthesize them in common studies.

One of the most widely used platform.

Reproducible research and knowledge sharing require the use of common tools, libraries and languages by the academia, industry and regulation agencies. The Lixoft products are also designed for academic research scientists and students, as well as regulation agencies, and provide a perfect support for courses in PKPD and model-based drug development. Lixoft strongly encourages the use of its products for teaching purposes. Please contact us so we can help.

Perpetual innovations in statistics and mathematics

Lixoft maintains a close research partnership with Inria. This collaboration guarantees the most effective organization for rapid technology transfer from academic research to industry-grade software.


Lixoft was founded in 2011, after a seven years research program in statistics and modeling for drug development and clinical trials, led by Inria in collaboration with Inserm and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Novartis, Roche, Astrazeneca and Exprimo.

Lixoft was self-funded and constantly growing. On April 1st 2020, Lixoft joined the Simulations Plus family.

Its R&D team includes software developers, statisticians, mathematicians and pharmacologists.


Advisory board

Application team

Dr Géraldine Cellière joined Lixoft in 2016 as VP Application. She leads the team in charge of all pre- and post-sales activities (demonstrations, trainings, technical support), research activities (improvement and development of new methods, application to case studies, publications), as well as the MonolixSuite development (product specification and testing). She also leads the consulting services, focused on technical aspects of population PK/PD modeling and simulation.
Geraldine holds an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France) and a Master in computational biology from ETH Zürich (Switzerland), obtained in 2012. After an experience as assistant project manager at SoBios, a start-up developing software for modeling and in silico simulation, she started a PhD in systems biology and multi-scale modeling at INRIA Paris. She received her doctoral degree in 2016.

Dr Pauline Traynard joined Lixoft in 2017 as Applications Manager. She has a multidisciplinary background focusing on computational and systems biology. After a double engineering degree specializing in computational biology from Ecole Polytechnique and MINES ParisTech (Paris, France) obtained in 2012, she applied different mathematical formalisms to model biological rhythms as part of her PhD studies at INRIA and IBENS Paris, and prostate cancer as a postdoctoral fellow in Institut Curie.

Dr Monika Twarogowska is an Application Manager since June 2019. Her extensive background spans multiple disciplines, including degrees in Applied Physics and in Mathematical engineering, along with a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics. With 15 years of experience in research in mathematical modeling, simulations, programming, as well as in communication, and interdisciplinary collaboration, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role. She dedicates herself to the development of MonolixSuite, supports its users to achieve their goals, conducts workshops, and engages with clients worldwide. In her professional pursuit and during her mountain hikes, she values beauty, respect, and a sense of adventure.

Dr Claude Magnard is a product manager at Lixoft. “Engineer by training, I hold a PhD from ETH Zurich in computational biology. I joined Lixoft in 2020 as part of the application team and shifted in 2022 to product management, since coordinating teams, getting things organized and setting priorities was the part I enjoyed the most in my job. I like working closely with all members of the application team and developers to come up all together with great features satisfying user’s needs.”

Frano Mihaljevic is an application manager at Lixoft. After earning his master’s degree in Pharmacy from University of Zagreb, Croatia, he gained experience as analytical researcher in research and development department of Teva Pharmaceuticals, where he was mostly focused on biorelevant in vitro release method and in vitro-in vivo correlation model development. He joined Lixoft in 2022.

Stephanie Kollmann is an application manager at Lixoft. She earned her master’s degree in Mathematics from University of Innsbruck, Austria. She worked several years as a biostatistician in clinical research at Assign DMB in Innsbruck, Austria, and then as a biostatistician consultant at L’Oréal in Paris, France. Throughout the years she mainly focused on planning and conducting statistical analyses and models in the pharma and cosmetic industries. She joined Lixoft in 2023.


Spontaneous application?

Lixoft is open to spontaneous job applications in R&D (pharmacometricians, mathematicians, statisticians, software developers…) and business development.