Jonathan Chauvin | CEO

Few things about him

Dr Jonathan Chauvin is an applied mathematician and joined Lixoft in 2015 as COO for operational management and products managements.

Prior to Lixoft, Jonathan Chauvin held positions as a research engineer, project manager and product manager at IFP Energies nouvelles. The applications and products were in the field of mobility (thermal, hybrid and electric vehicles ) and energy (as part of onshore wind and marine systems). During this period, he filed more than thirty patents and directed twenty publications in refereed committees newspaper articles and fifty conference papers in these areas.

Jonathan Chauvin  graduated as a civil engineer at MINES ParisTech in 2003 and obtained his PhD in Mathematics Applied MINES ParisTech in 2006. He received the award for “Best thesis ParisTech” in 2007.

To contact him, send an email to this address.

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