A powerful and flexible simulator for clinical trial pharmacometrics.

Simulx is a powerful and flexible simulator for clinical trial pharmacometrics that runs on top of the Lixoft simulation engine. It covers a comprehensive range of data types for simulation and links to a ready to use PK and PD library. It directly connects with Monolix for seamless Modeling and Simulation, and is the statistically most rigorous solution available today. Simulx is currently available via a comprehensive R package thanks to its combination with mlxR, a DDMoRe-sponsored library developed by Inria which contains several R functions for advanced clinical trial simulation.

Fully integrated for Model Based Drug Development

Experience the right tools for model based drug development. Data exploration, model building, parameter estimation and simulations in one go – without rewriting data sets, models or parameters.

Easy to use

Running a full simulation can be as easy as one line of code. This means you can focus on exploring models and different study designs in rapid cycles to deliver to your clinical teams in time..

Broad range of data and statistical scenarii

  • Simulation of all data types at your fingertips: Continuous, count, categorical, time to event 
  • Several levels of variability: Include between patient and within patient variability for more realistic simulations
  • Efficient ODE equation solver:  Models are automatically compiled in the background for lightning fast simulations
  • Support for delayed differential equations
  • Full simulation design flexibility: Define all simulation parameters including dosing, observations and covariates.
  • Advanced needs such as adaptive trial designs are easily implemented allowing the user to do more realistic clinical trial simulations.