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Lixoft develops modeling and simulation software for advanced model-based drug development. Its products offer powerful and easy solutions for population analysis in pre-clinical, clinical trials and in treatment individualization.

Lixoft’s technologies are the result of a ten years research program in statistics and modeling, led by Inria on non-linear mixed effect models for advanced population analysis, pharmacometrics, pre-clinical and clinical trial modeling & simulation.

The Monolix Suite comprises three main applications


Graphical and interactive software for non-compartmental and compartmental analysis.


Easy, fast and powerful tool for parameter estimation in non-linear mixed effect models, model diagnosis and assessment, and advanced graphical representation.


A powerful and flexible simulator for clinical trial pharmacometrics.

A large and multidisciplinary users community

Lixoft applications are widely used within both large pharmaceutical companies and smaller biotechs, as well as universities and research institutes, government agencies, hospital and non-profit organisations. Some examples: