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Time-To-Event Workshop @Page2018 (Montreux, May 28th, 2018)

on 18 January 2018

Time-To-Event workshop

Lixoft is running a 1-day hands-on workshop on parametric modeling of time-to-event data with the MonolixSuite on Monday the 28th of May.

We will provide a general introduction to the concepts related to time-to-event data, followed by guided hands-on to examplify parametric time-to-event modeling in practice. Repeated time-to-event, covariate modeling and joint modeling of PK-TTE or PD-TTE data sets (including informative dropouts) will also be covered. The participants will learn how to format a time-to-event data set, write a model, estimate the parameters, interpret the results to stepwise improve the model, and finally run simulations of time-to-event models. No prior experience of the MonolixSuite is required.


[AM] TTE concepts and hands-on modeling of a TTE data set:

  • Introduction to the concepts of TTE modeling
  • TTE modeling with the MonolixSuite: data formatting, model writing, library of TTE models, modeling guidelines
  • Hands-on: stepwise modeling of a TTE data set: project setup, choice of a model for the hazard, diagnostic plots, covariate search, simulations

[PM] Advanced examples

  • Example of mixture models to capture responders/non-responders in TTE data sets
  • Introduction to PK-TTE and PD-TTE modeling and model writing
  • Hands-on: exploration of the advantages of using informative dropouts

Price per person

Industry: 600€ – Academy: 300€  – Student: 150€
+ 100€ if registration after May 4th, 2018


Hôtel Eden Palace (Rue du Théâtre 11 – 1820 Montreux), from 9 am to 5:30 pm.


Jonathan CHAUVINTime-To-Event Workshop @Page2018 (Montreux, May 28th, 2018)