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Webinar series “Beyond PK/PD” (Recordings available)

on 22 May 2020

Join us for a series of exciting webinars! In replacement of the cancelled PAGE workshops, Lixoft is organizing five thematic online webinar sessions on concentration-QTc modeling, tumor growth modeling, and QSP modeling. The sessions will mix a general introduction to the topics with step-by-step real life examples using the MonolixSuite.
Registration is free and no prior knowledge of the MonolixSuite is required.

Concentration-QTc modeling webinar (1 session)
Monday June 8th, 5 pm Paris | 11 am New York | 8 am San Francisco, 1h30

Model based studies of concentration-QT data is a primary analysis in the proarrhythmic risk assessment (ICH E14 Guidance). Performed as a standard part of modelling and simulation at different stages of drug development, concentration-QTc analysis in MonolixSuite provides early, detailed and reliable insight necessary for companies to better manage their pipelines.
In this webinar you will learn:
–   What are the current concentration-QTc modelling objectives and approaches
–   How to perform FDA recommended concentration-QTc analysis in MonolixSuite


Tumor growth modeling webinar (2 complementary sessions)
Tuesday June 9th, 5 pm Paris | 11 am New York | 8 am San Francisco, 1h30
Wednesday June 10th, 5 pm Paris | 11 am New York | 8 am San Francisco, 1h30

A variety of ODE-based models have been published to describe data of longitudinal tumor size. This webinar will provide an overview of the most common ones and their inclusion in a modular library for Monolix, and show modeling examples on read data.
It will be composed of two sessions. The first session will include a presentation of usual models for tumor growth, treatment effect and delay, and their underlying assumptions, while the second session will consider the emergence of resistance and additional features such as angiogenesis and immune dynamics.
In this webinar you will learn:
– How to choose an appropriate tumor growth model for your data and adapt it
– Good practices for parameter estimation, model diagnosis and simulations
– How to combine tumor growth with PK measurements or time-to-event data

QSP modeling webinar (2 complementary sessions)
Thursday June 11th, 5 pm Paris | 11 am New York | 8 am San Francisco, 1h30
Friday June 12th, 5 pm Paris | 11 am New York | 8 am San Francisco, 1h30

The MonolixSuite offers an integrated and powerful framework to implement, fit, diagnose and simulate QSP and mechanistic PK/PD models. The webinar will be composed of two sessions, showing tips and step-by-step examples.
The first session will focus on the goals, advantages and challenges of QSP models, followed by a typical QSP step-by-step example. The second session will explore the advantages and disadvantage of traditional PK/PD versus QSP models.
In this webinar you will learn:
–  Good practices for an efficient QSP modeling workflow
–  How to write QSP models and fit them on data in Monolix
–  Tips on settings, profile-likelihood, sensitivity analysis and simulations

Geraldine CelliereWebinar series “Beyond PK/PD” (Recordings available)