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Target mediated drug disposition (TMDD) modeling with MonolixSuite @PAGE2022

on 11 April 2022

Target mediated drug disposition (TMDD) modeling with MonolixSuite

Tuesday 28 June 2022 – entire day

This training will give you the keys to confidently and efficiently work on TMDD data in Monolix and avoid common pitfalls. The course will provide an overview of the characteristics of the PK of therapeutic proteins, introduce TMDD modeling concepts (equations, approximations, and underlying assumptions), discuss guidelines for the development of TMDD models and examples of real datasets. Challenges specific to the modeling of TMDD will also be addressed. The workshop will alternate lectures and interactive hands-on sessions with MonolixSuite, including the exploration of the behaviour of TMDD models, and the step by step development and interpretation of a TMDD PK data set.

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of Monolix. People new to Monolix are invited to follow the workshop “Introductory course on pharmacometrics modeling with Monolix” on the previous day. Temporary licences for the MonolixSuite will be provided.

This is an in-person workshop taking place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), as a satellite event of the PAGE conference.


[AM] TMDD concepts:

  • Introduction to the PK of therapeutic proteins
  • Introduction to TMDD modeling concepts, presentation of the system of equations, usual approximations and their underlying assumptions
  • Hands-on: exploration of the characteristics of the main TMDD models using Simulx
  • Guidelines for the choice of a TMDD model depending on the available data, discussion of identifiability issues

[PM] Applications

  • Hands-on: development of a TMDD model on a PK data set
  • Advanced cases: TMDD with varying target, …

Main instructor

Dr Claude Magnard is an application manager at Lixoft. She received her education in engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris, and in biomedical engineering at ETH Zurich, and earned her doctoral degree from the Department of Biosystems, Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich in Basel on the design of computational methods for synthetic biology. Her work combined mathematical modeling and cell engineering to design genetic circuits acting as decoders of signaling dynamics. She subsequently joined Lixoft in October 2020, where she supports and trains the users of MonolixSuite, and collaborates with other application managers and developers to further improve the products.

Price per person

Industry: 600€ – Academia: 300€
The prices are VAT exempted, it will be added if applicable.

Get a 50% discount on the second and third workshop you register to!

  • Introductory course on pharmacometrics modeling with Monolix + Target mediated drug disposition (TMDD) modeling with MonolixSuite:
    Industry: 900€ – Academia: 450€


Cankarjev Dom cultural and congress centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia (same venue as the conference).

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