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From simple to complex simulations in pharmacometrics using Simulx @PAGE2024

on 10 January 2024

From simple to complex simulations in pharmacometrics using Simulx

0.5 day: Tuesday 25 June 2024: 1 – 5PM

Explore the world of simulations in pharmacometrics with our half-day workshop using Simulx – a simulation tool equipped with a user-friendly graphical interface and fully integrated with all MonolixSuite applications. This training will give you the keys to confidently set up simulation scenarios and efficiently answer “what if” questions. No prior experience with Simulx is necessary

Learn the ins and outs of simulations:

  • Define simulation elements such as outputs, treatments or covariates.
  • Explore your model and effective dosing regimens.
  • Simulate groups of individuals and clinical trials with uncertainty.
  • Post-process results and analyse efficacy and safety criteria.
  • Use statistical tests to answer relevant questions.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or building a simulation based on an existing Monolix project, this training equips you with the essential tools.

Engage in hands-on sessions, progressing from simple to complex examples, to solidify your understanding of simulations and Simulx. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and navigate pharmacometrics with ease.
Includes a temporary licence for the MonolixSuite.

Can be combined with one of the 1.5 day workshops on Monday 24 June 2024: 8AM – 5PM and Tuesday 25 June 2024: 8AM – 12PM:

This is an in-person workshop taking place in Rome (Italy), as a satellite event of the PAGE conference.
Registration form available at the bottom at this webpage.

Price per person

The prices are VAT exempted, it will be added if applicable.

From simple to complex simulations in pharmacometrics using Simulx
Industry: 300€ – Academia: 150€  (total price for one workshop)

From simple to complex simulations in pharmacometrics using Simulx + second 1.5 day workshop on June 24-25
Get a 50% discount on the second workshop you register to!
Industry: 1000€ – Academia: 500€  (total price for two workshops)


Rome (Italy), precise venue to be announced.

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