Release Notes MonolixSuite2019R2

MonolixSuite 2019R2 Release Notes
October 2019



Assessement tab:
* “use linearization” button availability was not properly updated when fixing parameters
* The initial parameters list was not updated upon model change
* Error parameters were not updated if the error model type was changed
Data tab:
* Columns and headers were shifted when a data file had been loaded prior to editing a header type
* A name defined as a covariate or a regressor in the data set header can only be used in the model as a covariate or a regressor, respectively
* For continuous observation models, unreachable values and censoring limits in the data set are now generating a warning
* The content of data tab was left disabled when creating a new project after the fit had been modified and not saved
* Columns tagging experienced performance issues with moderate datasets
* Outdated results & plots tabs are now hidden after data edition
* The number of observation types was not properly updated after modifying data tagging
* The names of subject-occasions were wrong in case of redundant columns OCCASION and EVENT ID
* The user’s order of duplicated observations given at same time are now kept
Statistical model tab:
* Group names of transformed categorical covariates are now properly checked for validity to avoid errors
* The formula for the observation model was hidden when the observation model was changed
* In some cases, warning messages were prevented from being shown in “Statistical Model & Tasks” tab upon project loading
* GUI remained disabled after a bad load and a fit edit submission
* Changing the default number of iterations for the task “Standard errors” could cause an error
Check initial estimates tab:
* In some cases several results were possible fot auto-init and chosen randomly
* The reference curve was not updated when changing the output or discretization grid
* “fix all” were not fixing all betas if there are more than 2 modalities in categorical covariate
* Default initial values of omega’s for Mtt parameters from library models are now set to 1 instead of 2
Structural model tab:
* some hidden files of the model libraries (identified by a leading dot) could appear in the list
Results tab:
* Stopping criterion in optimization of error models has been modified
* Individual parameter tests fixed if there is IOV and missing variability at last levels


* [export] Sublabels were not visible from SVG exports in some viewers (Inkscape, Powerpoint)
* [preferences] Comma-separated values for stroke dasharrays were not working anymore
* [stratify] Changing composite groups color sometimes crashed
* [covariate viewer] In the case of several categorical covariates, the y-axis limits for cat vs cat barplots were wrong
* [individual fits] In case of IOV, empty subject-occasions are now hidden if they are not surrounded by non-empty subject-occasion
* [scatter residuals] Exporting and reloading settings with different bin criteria resulted in an error to generate the plot
* [vpc continuous] The prediction correction option is now also applied on observations
* [cov vs indivParams] NaNs are properly managed for boxplots computation
* [residuals distribution] The plot was not properly generated when empirical PDF length was <2
* [tte] Continuous time grid for empirical survival curves was restored


* [Load] Setting checks is more robust
* [Load] Estimation was not possible following a load error and setting a new dataset
* [Load] GUI was disabled following a load error and setting a new dataset
* [Settings] When ‘Set default’ is clicked in project settings, the export path is now updated also for the current session
* [Save] After “Save as” with results, some result directories were missing
* [Save] Changing the error model and observation distribution caused a loading error in some cases


* [Load] Consistency of settings for NCA additional tasks (partialAUCTime, ajdR2AcceptanceCriteria, extrapAUCAcceptanceCriteria, spanAcceptanceCriteria) with the saved project is now checked when reloading old results
* [Load] Additional points included for lambda_z estimation are saved with exact values
* [Plots] After each run of a task, the associated plots are now rebuilt
* [Plots] Plots for NCA parameters with NaNs had wrong display
* [Data] It was not possible to select urine mode
* [Data] Previous data & tasks settings are now kept when possible after changing the data
* [Data] Fixed conflicts between some header names and CA model
* [NCA] Saving with a new name a project with results which has not run in the same session does not crash anymore
* [NCA] Missing CDISC names (partial AUC dependent, ajdR2AcceptanceCriteria, extrapAUCAcceptanceCriteria, spanAcceptanceCriteria, Ctau) have been added
* [NCA] Additional point at dose time for steady-state extravascular or infusion is now min over the dosing interval, not over all observations
* [NCA] Discrepancies in calculation of AUClast in case of steady state data have been fixed
* [NCA] For infusion adminsutrations, points prior to the end of the infusion are now excluded from the lambda_z when using a main rule
* [CA] Individual fits plot available after model edition


* [Export] Export plot did not work for a new project in Datxplore

LixoftConnectors R package

* [PKanalix] Arguments dataType, administrationType and timeValuesPerID were not set to lowercase and thus were only recognized in lowercase
* [PKanalix] Display of estimated individual parameters has been fixed in case of NaN values
* [PKanalix] Covariates have been added in fields of getCAIndividualParameters and getNCAIndividualParameters
* [Monolix] The header of a covariate was changed with setData if the same name was used as regressor in the model, this situation is no longer possible
* [Monolix] An error in setPopulationParameterEstimationSettings() function caused by the setting simulatedannealingiterations has been fixed => this setting has been hidden
* [Commons] The output structure of getObservationInformation() function has been fixed when there are several observation models, and one of which has subject-occasions without observation
* [Commons] Mapping information between data and model has been added to getObservationInformation() & getProjectInformation() functions outputs
* [Commons] An error in setPreferences() function caused by the setting headeraliases has been fixed
* [Commons] Launching initializeLixoftConnectors(path = ‘pathToMonolixSuite’) generates the lixoft.ini file if not present


* The installation in Windows updates the windows redistribuable

Jonathan CHAUVINRelease Notes MonolixSuite2019R2