Release Notes MonolixSuite2021R2

Release Notes MonolixSuite2021R2
June 2022

The document is the release notes for MonolixSuite2021R2 and lists the bug fixes of all applications of the MonolixSuite.


  • Interpretation of the occasion index was wrong when the ids were not ordered in the data set
  • Additional dose lines with ADDL or SS were wrongly duplicated (with the same time value) after applying a filter on the data set
  • Addition of washout between overlapping occasions was at the time of first dose instead of first dose or first observation
  • Fix of the crash happening after data filtering action when found lines were not unique
  • Fix of the crash happening when an “ignored observation” column was ignoring all data of an occasion
  • Filtering was not possible if the column header was “line”

Global interface

  • On Linux, numerical keyboard input was not working
  • After attempting to close a project which has unsaved changes, and selecting “Save and quit” in the pop-up window, clicking “Cancel” in the file browser window does not close the application anymore.


  • Fix of the slow-down of the ODE solver. In case of many doses or regressors, the slow-down could be up to 20% compared to the 2020R1 version.
  • Fix of the export of the “Individual fits” plot getting stuck when plots are exported automatically at the end of the run
  • Fix occasional crashes when running only the EBEs task after reloading a project with results
  • Check on conditional distribution setting “interval length” was wrongly applied at project load when “enable maximum iterations limit” was disabled
  • Theoretical distribution line (black, dashed) was not saved to png when CDF was not selected in distribution of the residuals plot
  • RSE by linearization were shown in the column of RSE by IS when RSE by IS were already present and RSE by linearization task failed
  • Highlighting of all points of an individual when hovering on one of them was sometimes incomplete in case of censored data.
  • VPC simulations for TTE data were generating several times the same individual leading to unsmooth prediction interval, which were especially visible in case of no inter-individual variability
  • In case of categorical or count data displayed as “stacked” in the Observed data plot, y-axis ticks and the color legend were wrong in case the plot was split into subplots
  • In case of categorical or count data displayed as “stacked” in the Observed data plot, colors were wrong in case the plot was split into subplots
  • Scrollbars in the Initial Estimates tab now remain visible even when the font size is increased above 125%
  • “merge” button after a split by covariates was not properly reset after changing the split groups
  • The error message when trying to do calculations on a bsmm output has been improved
  • Implementation of covariate transformations using if/else statements by modifying directly the mlxtran file was leading to an error at load after a save (which saves with a slightly different syntax)


  • Tab “stratify” was not shown when no covariates were present, which was preventing the reordering of simulation groups subplots
  • Crash in outcome/endpoint calculation when all three following conditions were fulfilled: dataset present in exploration, and occasion structure of the simulation different from the occasion structure of the data set, and outcome calculated by id (and not by id and occ)
  • In the Exploration tab, the color palette for the treatment groups has been updated to avoid poorly visible colors such as yellow.
  • The Result tab now shows a “loading icon” until the results are updated, instead of still showing the results of the previous simulation.
  • When creating a population parameter element from an external file, the lines are now kept in the same order as provided in the file.
  • When clicking on “view” for the elements defined in the Definition tab, when the table is truncated for display time purposes, a message is now displayed below the table to inform the user of the truncation.
  • Projects with categorical covariates elements of type “manual” using strings with special characters could not be reloaded
  • User-defined models with correlation parameters defined via an expression in the EQUATION block were not supported in 2021R1 anymore (while they were in 2020).
  • [MAC OS only] occasionnal crash when splitting output distribution plot has been fixed
  • [MAC OS only] clicking on the “outcome & endpoint” window was making the “simulation” window dispappear


  • List of factors for the linear BE model were not properly updated after applying a data set filtering
  • Results of CA calculation in case of occasions were influenced by the presence of other occasions
  • When reloading a project with no parameters selected in the “BE” column, the project was displayed with default parameters in the BE column
  • Exported plots are not deleted anymore when saving the project after plots settings have been modified
  • Project setting “result folder” not was properly reloaded when it was not the default value


  • In the Comparison tab, parameter values of the form “” were not properly displayed in the table


  • getFixedEffectsByAutoInit() now returns the same number of digits as the ‘autoinit’ in the GUI
  • plotNCAIndividualFits() with obsUnusedColor=”colored” and colorGroup was not coloring all dots
  • In the function setProjectSettings(), argument “userfilesnexttoproject=T” for Simulx was not properly recognized, argument “datanexttoproject=T” for PKanalix was also not properly recognized.
  • getPopulationElements() now returns mlx_PopUncertainLin and mlx_PopUncertainSA when they exist
  • loadProject() now checks the file extension depending on which software was indicated during initialization of the lixoftConnectors
  • In plotRandomEffectsCorrelations(), in case of IOV, it is now possible to choose the variability level to display, as in the GUI
  • Error messages have been added in setGroupElement() when forbidden element combinations are used
  • getSimulationResults() now has two additional arguments “id” and “rep” to request only a subset of the results. This is useful when the results are too large to be sent to R in one call.
  • Occasions with no dose were generating an error “subscript out of bounds” in getTreatmentsInformation() and functions using it such as plotObservedData()


  • Demo projects for bioequivalence and infusion+steady-state have been added to the validation suite for PKanalix
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