Downloading MonolixSuite

Problem: My web browser claims that the Monolix download website has insufficient reputation and suggests to stop the download.
Solution: Some browsers like Google Chrome and Internet Explorer may ask whether to keep or remove the MonolixSuite archive just after download because of the insufficient reputation of the Lixoft website, simply because it is insufficiently referenced. Please ignore the warning and choose to keep the file. You can use a MD5 tool to verify that the downloaded file is not corrupted.

Problem: The MonolixSuite archive is removed just after being downloaded.
Solution: Some antivirus may consider the MonolixSuite archive as risky and put it in quarantine or remove it. This is due to the fact that MonolixSuite embeds a compiler for the Mlxtran language. Two solutions are available:

  1. Deactivate your antivirus auto-protection process during download and installation, or
  2. Restore the file from the quarantine.

To restore the file from quarantine, please refer to the documentation of your antivirus software. For the most common examples:

  • Norton Antivirus: In the Norton product main window, double-click Security, and then click History, then Quarantine as explained here.
  • Avast Antivirus: Open Avast, Choose Maintenance, then Virus Chest as explained here.
  • Mcafee Antivirus: Click Navigation (or click the cog at the top right), and click Quarantined and Trusted Items as explained here.

You should see the downloaded file among the quarantined files. Execute the Restore action; the archive will be restored into the directory used for downloading. Click on the archive (ignore a possible “malware” warning, again related to the fact that MonolixSuite embers a compiler.), and installation will start.

Installing MonolixSuite

Problem: When launching the installer, my antivirus tells me that the executable file stopped working.
Solution: If your antivirus apparently stopped the execution, it is  just scanning the installation program. Thus, just “Close the program” and the installer will reopen automatically.

Running an application of MonolixSuite

Problem: When launching the standalone version, my antivirus tells me that some executable file is risky.
Solution: If your antivirus apparently removed an executable file, check if it was actually put on Quarantine, or removed. If it is in Quarantine, please restore it by following the same instructions as provided above. If the file was removed you will need to reinstall MonolixSuite. You should be able to add this file to your antivirus Trusted Zone or Trusted files.
In addition, you can define it in the trusted zone and thus not scan this folder.

Jonathan CHAUVINTroubleshooting