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“Population PKPD Modeling & Simulation with the Monolix Suite”

June 6 & 7, 2016 Lisbon, Portugal.


A 2 days workshop on the Monolix Suite will be given by Marc Lavielle on the 6th and 7th of june. The course is designed for both beginners and advanced modellers.

Attendants can choose to attend either both days, Day 1 only or Day 2 only:

  • Day 1 will provide a complete presentation of how to use Monolix for modelling, population analysis and parameter estimation. It covers basic and standard PKPD modelling as well as advanced modelling features.
  • Day 2 will provide training on Simulx, a new clinical trial simulator for the simulation and visualization of longitudinal data and virtual patient populations. Simulx is now available as a standalone user-friendly, graphical application, and can also be used within R as a powerful simulation R package thanks to its combination with mlxR, a DDMoRe-sponsored library developed by Inria which contains several R functions for advanced clinical trial simulations. Finally the course will present complete workflows for modelling, exploration and simulation with the full Monolix Suite (Monolix, Mlxplore, Simulx)

Students and academics have access to free, renewable licenses of MonolixSuite. Industry participants will be provided a three months license of a full-featured version of MonolixSuite.


Monolix Suite: – mlxR:


Basics of population PK-PD modelling.


Marc Lavielle

Marc Lavielle is a Research Director at Inria and has been leading the Monolix project since 2004. He created and led the CNRS Research Group “Statistics and Health”. He is a member of the French National Council for Biotechnologies. He has worked on the development of maximum-likelihood estimation methods, applied to a broad area of applications (geophysics, signal processing, neuro-imaging, agronomy, genetics, PKPD,…). Marc Lavielle is the author of the book Mixed Effects Models for the Population Approach: Models, Tasks, Methods and Tools (Chapman & Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series, 2014). He has also co-authored several papers on various aspects of statistical estimation and on SAEM algorithm. Several of the methods that he developed are implemented in the Monolix software. He received in 2015 the Innovation Award from the International Society of Pharmacometrics and the Innovation Award from the French Academy of Sciences.


Course Agenda

Day 1: Monolix

  9:00 Introduction to Monolix and Mlxtran
10:30 Coffee/Tea Break
11:00 Hands on 1  PKPD modelling
12:00 Lunch
13:00 The SAEM algorithm
13:30 Advanced features: IOV, BLQ data
14:30 Modelling categorical, count and time-to-event data models
15:30 Coffee/Tea Break
16:00 Hands on 2  Mixture models and model mixtures
17:00 End of Day 1


Day 2:  Simulx and modelling/estimation/simulation workflow

  9:00 Introduction to Simulx
  9:30 Simulation of continuous data models
10:00 Simulation of PK models
10:30 Coffee/Tea Break
11:00 Hands on 1 simulation of PK models
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Simulation of categorical, markov and count data models
13:30 Simulation of time-to-event and joint models
14:00 Simulation of advanced statistical models (IOV, categorical covariates, hierarchical models)
14:30 Clinical Trial Simulation with Simulx
15:00 mlxR library for using Simulx with R
15:30 Coffee/Tea Break
16:00 Hands on 2  complete workflow for PKPD models using the Monolix Suite
17:00 End of Day 2


Price per person

Industry: 900€ (1 day only 600€) – Academy: 450€ (1 day only 320€) – Student: 290€
+ 200€ if registration after May 4th, 2016


Lisbon Marriott Hotel
Avenida dos Combatentes, 45, 1600-042 Lisbon, Portugal


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