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Advanced Monolix Workshop @Page2019 (Stockholm, Tuesday June 11th, 2019)

on 12 December 2018

Advanced Monolix workshop

Lixoft is running a 1 day hands-on workshop on advanced Monolix on Tuesday the 11th of June.
The course is designed for modelers with already a good knowledge of Monolix, who wish i) to improve their strategy for model building, ii) learn how to implement complex models, iii) better understand the methods, the algorithms and their options.
The course will consist of both lectures and hands-on sessions with Monolix. A dedicated Q&A hour session will be proposed.


I New methods and good practices for model building

    • Model diagnostics
      • interpretation of diagnostic plots
      • performing unbiased statistical tests
      • defining and using the shrinkage correctly
    • Strategies for efficient model building
      • automatic covariate search using COSSAC
      • automatic model building using SAMBA

II Model implementation

      • Complex PK models
      • Joint modelling of PKPD data
        • sequential and simultaneous approaches
        • modelling different types of PKPD data (continuous, categorical, count, time to event)

III Methods and algorithms

        • SAEM: theory and practice
          • settings: number of iterations, automatic stopping rule, number of chains
          • simulated annealing
          • convergence assessment
          • handling parameters without variability
        • MCMC: transition kernels, automatic stopping rule
        • Estimation of the Fisher Information Matrix: linearization versus stochastic approximation
        • Estimation of the likelihood function: linearization versus importance sampling Monte Carlo.
        • Bayesian estimation of the population parameters

Main instructor

Prof. Marc Lavielle is a Research Director at Inria.
Marc Lavielle is a statistician specialized in computational statistics and healthcare applications. Marc is responsible for supervising the collaborative research program between Inria and Lixoft. He created and directed the Monolix team at Inria. Marc Lavielle is also the creator of the SAEM estimation algorithm, which was a breakthrough for the study of mixed effect models in drug development.
Marc Lavielle is also a member of the French High Council of Biotechnologies, where he is promoting and studying the application of sound statistical methods to evaluate health and environmental risks related to Genetically Modified Organisms.

Price per person

Industry: 600€ – Academy: 300€  – Student: 150€
+ 100€ if registration after May 4th, 2019
The prices are VAT exempted, it should be added if applicable.


To be defined.

Advanced Monolix workshop registration

Jonathan CHAUVINAdvanced Monolix Workshop @Page2019 (Stockholm, Tuesday June 11th, 2019)