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Simulx Workshop @Page2019 (Stockholm, Monday June 10th, 2019)

on 9 January 2019

Simulx workshop

Lixoft is running a 1 day hands-on workshop on Simulx on Monday the 10th of June.

Simulx is a R application integrated in the MonolixSuite for advanced simulations. Simulx is part of the mlxR library.
The course is then preferably intended for modellers who already have some basic knowledge of R (no needs to be an expert!).
The course will consist of both lectures and hands-on sessions with R and Monolix.


I Computing and visualizing predictions

  • Simulation from structural models
    • ODEs and DDEs based models,
    • Complex PK models with complex dosing regimen
  • Exposure calculation
  • Easy creation of Shiny apps

II Simulating longitudinal data in a population context

  • Simulation of inter-individual variability (IIV)
    • Simulation of random effects
    • Simulation of individual covariates
    • Use of covariates from a database
  • Simulation of inter-occasion variability (IOV)
  • Simulation from continuous, categorical, count and time-to-event data models

III Simulating a clinical trial

  • Monte Carlo simulation for design comparison
  • Power calculation
  • Taking adherence into account
  • Adaptive dosing regimen and titration

IV Integrating Simulx in a workflow

  • Using Simulx with PK and PKPD Monolix projects
  • Taking into account parameter uncertainty

IV Sensitivity analysis

Main instructor

Prof. Marc Lavielle is a Research Director at Inria.
Marc Lavielle is a statistician specialized in computational statistics and healthcare applications. Marc is responsible for supervising the collaborative research program between Inria and Lixoft. He created and directed the Monolix team at Inria. Marc Lavielle is also the creator of the SAEM estimation algorithm, which was a breakthrough for the study of mixed effect models in drug development.
Marc Lavielle is also a member of the French High Council of Biotechnologies, where he is promoting and studying the application of sound statistical methods to evaluate health and environmental risks related to Genetically Modified Organisms.

Price per person

Industry: 600€ – Academy: 300€  – Student: 150€
+ 100€ if registration after May 4th, 2019
The prices are VAT exempted, it should be added if applicable.


To be defined.

Simulx Workshop registration

Jonathan CHAUVINSimulx Workshop @Page2019 (Stockholm, Monday June 10th, 2019)