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The Pharmacometrics Spring School

on 8 March 2021

The 2021 Lixoft Pharmacometrics Spring School, held between 22 and 26 March, 2021 will focus on population modeling for model-informed drug development (MIDD) and simulations of clinical trials using the MonolixSuite.

The Spring School will cover all steps of a modeling and simulation workflow, including:

  • Data visualization and population analysis in Monolix
  • Model diagnosis tools
  • Writing models in the Mlxtran language
  • Simulations in Simulx
  • and more !

This is a FREE and completely ONLINE event. No travel necessary.




No matter if you are a student, doctoral/post-doctoral researcher, or industry professional, you’ll gain confidence in using the MonolixSuite applications over the week-long course. You’ll also learn how to make your modeling work more exciting and efficient!

Put your knowledge to the test & take advantage of our expert’s advice by participating in the HANDS-ON between sessions and in the Spring School COMPETITIONS:

  • Modeling – build the best PK model for a given dataset using Monolix tools
  • Simulations – design in Simulx the most successful Phase III clinical trial

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