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QSP and mechanistic PK/PD modeling Workshop @QSPC2022 (Leiden, April 19-20th 2022)

on 11 February 2022

QSP and mechanistic PK/PD modeling workshop

Lixoft is running a 2 half-days hands-on workshop on quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) and mechanistic PK/PD modeling with the MonolixSuite, as a satellite event of the Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Conference 2022 (QSPC2022). The workshop will take place on Tuesday the 19th (afternoon) and Wednesday the 20th (morning) of April (just before the QSPC starting on the Wednesday 20th afternoon), in Leiden, Netherlands, 5 min away from conference venue. This is not an online event.
The MonolixSuite offers an integrated and powerful framework to implement, fit, diagnose and simulate QSP and mechanistic PK/PD models. The workshop will alternate lectures and hands-on sessions. After an introduction to the goals and advantages of QSP models, the setup of QSP models in Monolix will be explained and exemplified using a representative data set. Participants will have the opportunity to practice the implementation of a QSP model and the estimation of its parameters from clinical data. The calibrated model will finally be used to answer precise research questions via simulations.
No prior experience of the MonolixSuite is required. Temporary licenses for the MonolixSuite will be provided.



[Tuesday 19th afternoon] Workshop part 1

  • Introduction to the goals of QSP models, examples from literature
  • Implementation of QSP models using the mlxtran language of the MonolixSuite
  • Hands-on: implementation of a small QSP model and its simulation in Simulx
  • Demo: setup of a QSP models in Monolix to estimate parameters using clinical data. How to include inter-individual variability, fix parameter values, and set Bayesian priors will be shown. Convergence assessment and options to improve the convergence will also be discussed.

[Wednesday 20th morning] Workshop part 2

  • Hands-on: analysis and diagnosis of a larger QSP model: sensitivity analysis in simulx, followed by parameter estimation and diagnostic in Monolix using phase I clinical data
  • Demo: use of a Monolix run to simulate new simulations
  • Hands-on: the model developed in the previous hands-on session will be used to explore several phase II designs in several target populations


Dr Géraldine Cellière joined Lixoft in 2016 as VP Application. She leads the team in charge of all pre- and post-sales activities (demonstrations, trainings, technical support), research activities (improvement and development of new methods, application to case studies, publications), as well as the MonolixSuite development (product specification and testing). She also leads the consulting services, focused on technical aspects of population PK/PD modeling and simulation.
Geraldine holds an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France) and a Master in computational biology from ETH Zürich (Switzerland), obtained in 2012. After an experience as assistant project manager at SoBios, a start-up developing software for modeling and in silico simulation, she started a PhD in systems biology and multi-scale modeling at INRIA Paris. She received her doctoral degree in 2016.

Price per person

Industry: 600€ – Academic: 300€


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Geraldine CelliereQSP and mechanistic PK/PD modeling Workshop @QSPC2022 (Leiden, April 19-20th 2022)