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Introductory course on pharmacometrics modeling with Monolix @PAGE2022

on 8 April 2022

Introductory course on pharmacometrics modeling with Monolix

Monday 27 June 2022 – entire day

If you want to start using Monolix for your popPK/PD modeling, or you have already started and want to become a more confident user, then this course is for you. We will teach you all you need to know to develop, diagnose and interpret population models for your PK/PD datasets. After a reminder on the key concepts of the population approach, we will show you how to format your dataset, do a first exploratory data visualisation, set up a model in the Monolix GUI and analyze the run results. Modeling workflows and strategies will also be discussed.
Better understanding and confidence comes from practice. You will improve it during an interactive and guided hands-on session on a typical PK/PD dataset – an opportunity to immediately apply new skills with the help from the Lixoft team.

Temporary licences for the MonolixSuite will be provided. Note that this workshop does not cover simulations with Simulx, or NCA analysis with PKanalix. Participants are invited to register to the dedicated Simulx and PKanalix workshops on the next day, or to the thematic modeling workshops.

This is an in-person workshop taking place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), as a satellite event of the PAGE conference.


[AM] Introduction to Monolix:

  • Reminder on the population approach
  • Dataset formatting and data visualization
  • Parameter estimation and model diagnostic with Monolix
    • Model definition using the library, the macros or ODEs
    • Description of the several tasks/algorithms
    • Model diagnostic and improvement using the graphics
    • Automatic covariate search procedures
  • Project management with Sycomore

[PM] Hands-on: modeling of a PK/PD dataset

  • Data exploration
  • PK-PD modeling in Monolix
    • project setup
    • stepwise structural PK model development
    • stepwise statistical PK model development
    • custom PK/PD model writing using the mlxtran language
    • graphical model assessment: Convergence, Diagnostic plots / Predictive checks

Main instructor

Dr Monika Twarogowska joined Lixoft in 2019 as Applications Manager. She has multidisciplinary knowledge, confirmed by a double master degree – in Applied Physics (Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland) and in Mathematical Engineering (University of L’Aquila, Italy) – and Ph.D in Applied Mathematics (University of L’Aquila, Italy), and academic research experience in mathematical modelling in biology, simulations and programming gained in Inria-Sophia Antipolis, Ens-Lyon and CNR-Rome. Her results are focused, on one side, on modelling biological phenomena ranging from formation of stem cells clusters and tumour growth to intracellular movements of molecules and gene expression patterns, and on the other side, on quantitative analysis and development of simulation tools.

Price per person

Industry: 600€ – Academia: 300€
The prices are VAT exempted, it will be added if applicable.

Get a 50% discount on the second and third workshop you register to!

  • Introductory course on pharmacometrics modeling with Monolix + From simple to complex simulations with Simulx + Non compartmental, bioequivalence and beyond with PKanalix: Industry: 900€ – Academia: 450€
  • Introductory course on pharmacometrics modeling with Monolix + one of the thematic workshops (TGI, QSP or TMDD):
    Industry: 900€ – Academia: 450€


Cankarjev Dom cultural and congress centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia (same venue as the conference).

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Jonathan CHAUVINIntroductory course on pharmacometrics modeling with Monolix @PAGE2022