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Stuck in one compartment? Or lost in the pharmacometrics labyrinth?

on 17 August 2023
Who wasn’t? Pharmacometrics for a beginner can feel like wrestling to break free from a cocoon of simple data, models, and methods. With more knowledge, it’s like starting a journey with a map but still missing a compass. No wonder so many people look for a guiding hand to move with confidence – especially when success of clinical trials is at stake.

Thanks for this Spring School, it was clear and really useful. The reactivity and precision in the Q&A during the talks were also excellent points.” participant feedback


Not only books…

Our “Feature of the Week” video series – a virtual guide, now with over 200 tutorials – helps navigate the pharmacometrics modeling with MonolixSuite. Pharmacometrics Spring School – a week-long course with live sessions – complements this with practical insights and interactive discussions. This year’s 3rd edition, together with the Summer School with PKanalix – for non-compartmental, bioequivalence and compartmental analysis – gathered nearly 1500 attendees. For some it was the first step in pharmacometrics or in MonolixSuite. Others increased work efficiency, and asked us questions about their projects.

“Appreciate the incredible work done by scientists to get such a slick well executed training session each day. Well done, Lixoft!!” – participant feedback


Bringing the world together…

We bring equal opportunities – we’re here to help no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Our goal is to connect with you, listen, and support you on your journey. How? The Spring and Summer schools:
  • were free of charge,
  • had two equal live sessions per day, 
  • included our support during Q&A chat sessions,
  • helped to practice with dedicated hands-on exercises.

This course was so incredibly well-organized  and thoughtful. Thank you.” – participant feedback

We have years of experience in modeling, development of Monolix, and daily support to our clients. We anticipate and address challenges that users of all levels and companies may encounter, ensuring your compass points to success.

“The organization of the summer school was excellent and allowed learners to progress at their own pace.” – participant feedback

We believe our courses have a meaningful impact, and your feedback confirms it. This drives us to continue the efforts.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 

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MonikaStuck in one compartment? Or lost in the pharmacometrics labyrinth?