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[Win64] Monolix Suite 2024R1

on 26 March 2024
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  • Create Date 26 March 2024
  • Last Updated 28 March 2024


Minimum system requirements

  • Architecture: 64 bits
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022
  • 2GB RAM or above
  • Optimally standard screen resolution not less than 800x600 pixels is recommended.

Possible troubleshooting

To troubleshoot download, installation, launch or run issues, check the troubleshooting page.

About the installer

  • Copy the installer on your Desktop or in your windows temporary directory.
  • Double click on the executable and follow the instructions.
  • Icons for Datxplore, PKanalix, Monolix, Simulx, and Sycomore will appear on the desktop.

Silent installation

The installation can be launched in silent mode, more details here.

License and activation

PKanalix, Monolix and Simulx require an activation key. Please go to this page if you do not have your license key yet.


Under Windows operating system, the icons for Datxplore, PKanalix, Monolix, Simulx, and Sycomore are on the desktop and available through the start menu.
The user can also go to <InstallationMenu MonolixSuite2024R1>/bin (C:/Program FilesLixoft/MonolixSuite2024R1/bin by default) to access to the .bat for Datxplore, PKanalix, Monolix, Simulx, and Sycomore.
To see if everything is well installed, you can see here.

To pin the apps to the taskbar, open the applications, right click on the icon in the taskbar and select "pin this program to taskbar".

User guides

The data set, the Mlxtran syntax and each software has on-line documentation.

Pauline[Win64] Monolix Suite 2024R1