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Non compartmental and compartmental analysis 1/2-day workshop with PKanalix@Page2020 (Ljubljana, Slovenia, Tuesday June 9th, 2019 [am])

on 23 January 2020

Non compartmental and compartmental analysis with PKanalix 1/2-day workshop

Lixoft is running a half-day workshop on non-compartmental (NCA) and compartmental analysis (CA) with PKanalix, a MonolixSuite applications, on Tuesday the 9th of June (morning). It is meant for anyone interested in analysis of PK data sets, bioequivalence assessment and bridging to simulation and pop-PK modelling. No prior experience of the MonolixSuite is required. This workshop presents how to analyse data sets for several typical designs. The main focus is on the NCA and CA workflows, bioequivalence and the connection with the other MonolixSuite applications – all via a user-friendly graphical interface. The hands-on session is to practice exposure analysis, comparison of drug formulations and passage to Monolix for population modelling and Simulx for simulations. Temporary licenses for the MonolixSuite are provided.


  • Introduction to PK data sets: plasma, urine, steady state, crossover and BLQ
  • Demo: use of PKanalix to calculate parameters in the NCA and CA frameworks
  • Hands-on: analysis of a single dose study and simulations of multidoses in Simulx
  • Hands-on: steady state NCA and CA workflows and popPK modelling in Monolix/li>
  • Demo: Bioequivalence in PKanalix
  • Hands-on: Bioequivalence case study


Dr Monika Twarogowska joined Lixoft in 2019 as Applications Manager. She has multidisciplinary knowledge, confirmed by a double master degree – in Applied Physics (Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland) and in Mathematical Engineering (University of L’Aquila, Italy) – and Ph.D in Applied Mathematics (University of L’Aquila, Italy), and academic research experience in mathematical modelling in biology, simulations and programming gained in Inria-Sophia Antipolis, Ens-Lyon and CNR-Rome. Her results are focused, on one side, on modelling biological phenomena ranging from formation of stem cells clusters and tumour growth to intracellular movements of molecules and gene expression patterns, and on the other side, on quantitative analysis and development of simulation tools.

Price per person

Industry: 300€ – Academy: 150€  – Student: 100€
+ 50€ if registration after May 4th, 2020
The prices are VAT exempted, it should be added if applicable.


To be defined.

Non compartmental and compartmental analysis 1/2-day workshop registration

Jonathan CHAUVINNon compartmental and compartmental analysis 1/2-day workshop with PKanalix@Page2020 (Ljubljana, Slovenia, Tuesday June 9th, 2019 [am])

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