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PKanalix Summer School: non-compartmental analysis (NCA), bioequivalence (BE) and beyond

on 26 May 2023

Whether you’re an absolute beginner in non-compartmental analysis and want to start working on your projects; or you’re an analyst and want to understand better the mathematics behind and how to extend your work beyond standard NCA; or you’re an expert and want to learn about a new efficient NCA, BE and CA tool, fully integrated with population modeling and simulation workflow. This course is for you.

Includes a free temporary licence for the full MonolixSuite software.

It provides all you need to know to understand and analyze non-compartmental and bioequivalence studies, interpret the results and answer your research questions. In addition, it explains how to bridge this analysis with compartmental models, PKPD dynamics and simulations of new scenarios.




What you’ll learn:

  • The mathematical and statistical knowledge to understand non-compartmental and bioequivalence analysis and be able to interpret and critically evaluate your results.
  • Run NCA and BE analysis in PKanalix – from data formatting and visualization, to setting up and running tasks – and derive relevant pharmacokinetic metrics answering your questions.
  • Generate reports with submission quality standards.
  • Develop compartmental models and use diagnostic tools to assess the model goodness of fit and improve them step by step, including diagnostic plots and stratification methods.
  • Extend the analysis to Monolix to comprehend population pharmacokinetics.
  • Create simulations in Simulx and explore new scenarios to answer precise questions.


This is a FREE and completely ONLINE event.




Attend one of the two LIVE 1.5h SESSIONS each day depending on your time zone
9:00 AM or 5:00 PM CET Paris Time
or watch a VIDEO RECORDING later


Listen and practice – HANDS-ON exercises follow each live lecture – and receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course. This course is designed for industry and healthcare professionals, researchers and students with no to intermediate knowledge of non-compartmental analysis and PKanalix.


FREE TEMPORARY LICENSE for the entire MonolixSuite 2023 will be provided for the Summer School participants (expiration date: July 2nd, 2023).


  • Day 1: Data formatting and visualization, including dataset structure, data formatting module (PKanalix 2023), filtering and units options; data visualization tools.
  • Day 2: Non-compartmental analysis and reporting: including mathematical background on NCA concepts, NCA settings and results; generation of a report (PKanalix 2023).
  • Day 3: Bioequivalence, including the definition of BE models for crossover, repeated crossover and parallel designs, and the mathematical theory behind it.
  • Day 4: Compartmental analysis and beyond: including development of compartmental models, the simulation of the fitted model for new dosing designs and the extension to population PK with Monolix.


All instructors, see here, work in the Application Team, at Lixoft Division of Simulations Plus.


  • Do I need to create an account on to attend the Summer School? Yes, the course is given on the Learn Upon platform, which will provide the links to live sessions, the material for download, and the recordings. You need to create an account, add the Summer School to the cart and validate it. The event is free so no payment will be needed and the cart will show $0. Please use your professional email address (academic or industry) in order to validate your affiliation.
  • My LearnUpon account is DISABLED. As instructed on the login website, please write an e-mail to saying “Activate account for the Summer School”. We will activate your account. The history of your courses will be available.
  • I participated in the Pharmacometrics Spring School with MonolixSuite. Do you recommend participating in this Summer School with PKanalix? Yes, the Spring School in March 2023 focused on Monolix and Simulx. This course is about non-compartmental analysis in PKanalix – third application of the MonolixSuite.
  • I participated in the PKanalix Spring School last year. Do you recommend participating in this 2nd edition? Yes, in this course we will use the new release of the MonolixSuite: 2023R1 and will show its new features. In particular, we have a dedicated session to data structure and data formatting modules; and we will explain in detail how to generate reports. The main content of the lectures and the hands-on sessions will be very similar to the previous editions. However, you can always take advantage of the live chat and Q&A with the Lixoft team during the lecture sessions.
MonikaPKanalix Summer School: non-compartmental analysis (NCA), bioequivalence (BE) and beyond